Jews On Trial
From the Gospel account of Jesus’ trial and punishment to medieval Blood Libels, from the notorious Dreyfus Affair to the story of Leo Frank’s trial and eventual lynching, and from the State of Israel’s trial and execution of Nazi Adolph Eichmann to Jonathan Pollard’s closed-door trial and ongoing incarceration, it seems that the Jew, one way or another, is always on trial in the courtroom of journalistic and historiographic examination, whether as the accused, the accuser, the jury or the judge.
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Excavating the Bible
Already stirring acclaim and debate in Israel, Yitzhak Meitlis’ Excavating the Bible presents exciting archaeological evidence supporting the belief that the tales of Scripture are more than just stories.
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Fruit of the Vine

Your Passport to Some of the Very Best Wines in the World—and Every One Kosher, Too!

“A good wine,” says wine critic and enthusiast Maurie Rosenberg, “is the wine you like.” Whether you prefer a big Bordeaux or a crisp Chardonnay, you’ll be sure to find a new favorite in Fruit of the Vine: The Complete Guide to Kosher Wine.

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