Journey Through the Minefields

Journey Through the Minefields: From Vietnam to Washington, An Orthodox Surgeon’s Odyssey

by Mendy Ganchrow, M.D.
ISBN: 978-0-910155-56-9
Price: $27.00

More than an autobiography of a distinguished Jewish leader, this book mirrors American and Jewish history in the second half of the twentieth century.

Mendy Ganchrow, M.D. was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household, where he was instilled with values and beliefs that would never leave him. Throughout his early life, he also exhibited a love of service and a gift for leadership. The Vietnam War was, perhaps, the seminal moment in his life, as he brought both his surgical skills and his spiritual comfort to fellow servicemen.

While in the midst of a very successful career as a surgeon, it was suggested to Ganchrow that he join AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. His faith, combined with his fervor for the American way of life, pointed him to ever more involved levels of political activism, leading to the creation of a successful pro-Israel political action committee (HUVPAC) and eventually culminating in his election to the presidency of the Orthodox Union in 1994.

Ganchrow has met and conferred with many of the personalities who have fashioned our contemporary world—Prime Ministers and kings, American Presidents from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton, members of both the Israeli Knesset and the U.S. Congress, and numerous religious leaders.

Even during the most trying times of his presidency, he demonstrated the same outstanding commitment and leadership skills that spell loyalty to principle, leadership, and a living example of how one can be dedicated to the cause of American democracy, Jewish faith, the Torah way of life, and the welfare of all Jews.

Praise for Journey through the Minefields

Journey Through the Minefields: From Vietnam to Washington, An Orthodox Surgeon’s Odyssey has garnered both critical and reader acclaim in its years of publication, having been featured in the Jerusalem PostLifestyle MagazineJewish WeekThe ForwardThe Jewish Press, and many other local and national newspapers. Journey Through the Minefields also received an excellent review as a feature in the Jewish Book Council’s fall 2004 literary magazine, Jewish Book World. The Rockland Jewish Reporter called the book “at times poignant, at times brutally honest, but always full of information,” and noted that “it is not only a glimpse into Ganchrow’s personal and professional growth, but is also an insider’s view into the political process, and in relation, the Jewish community and the leadership of its organizations.”

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